Working Group 2: Institutional level - Wellbeing Practices in Research Institutions

Working Group Chair: Dr. Stefan Mol

Co-Chair: tba

The objectives of WG2 are to provide connections between stakeholders active in well-being policies in research environments. Researchers, national/local governmental organizations and institutional actors that are involved in developing and implementing policies within institutions to address mental health, understand prevalence within institutions, reduce stigma and mandate support within institutions will be brought together in order to create evidence-based understanding of what ‘best practice’ looks like, what the practical challenges are and how they can be addressed, to share institutional learning and break down barriers and taboos in institutions recognising and addressing challenges within their workplace environments.

The ReMO COST Action on Researcher Mental Health is funded by the COST Association with support from the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the EU under the project number CA19117.