Abgeschlossene Projekte

An overview of current projects can be found here. The Open Research Information team of the Open Science Lab has been involved in the following projects in the past:

FAIRIO - FAIR Research Information in Open Infrastructure

The objectives of this project on FAIR Research Information in Open Infrastructures (FAIRIO) of the State Scientific and State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine (SSTL) and the Technical Information Library (TIB) is to establish a collaboration between the two institutions. To this end, the project partners will present their ongoing R&D activities to each other in order to benefit from the acquired knowledge and experience of the other institution. Furthermore, a series of workshops with experts will attempt to apply the FAIR principles to research information.

ROSI - Referenzimplementierung für offene szientometrische Indikatoren

In this project, new views and visualisations of freely licensed conventional and alternative metrics (altmetrics) were tested and their impact on the research target group was investigated. For this purpose, a reference implementation was developed that combines various metrics with data from open sources such as CrossRef Event Data API, Paperbuzz or COCI. Requirements of the target groups were collected in interviews with researchers in order to capture and evaluate different expectations and effects of scientometric indicators. The insights gained were incorporated into the reference implementation in an iterative process.


DEFF Opera

We were an International Partner in the Danish Technical University's (DTU) Open Research Analytics (Opera) project. Opera aimed to establish open and advanced research analytics practices and systems at Danish universities and in the Danish landscape of research analytics stakeholders. The focus was on obtaining and consolidating high quality citation data, enabling adequate documentation of humanities research and impact, adapting and applying innovative analytical and visualisation tools, establishing an open source system (NORA - National Open Research Analytics) aimed at and controlled by Danish actors, better recognition for open science contributions in metrics and evaluation, and extensive communication with and involvement of stakeholders.



The TIB-FIS-Discovery project involved the development of a discovery system for TIB's research information based on the KDSF-VIVO implementation at TIB to present TIB's own research activities. The developed system was presented as a prototype at Cebit 2017 and has been in productive operation since the end of the project: https://vivo.tib.eu/fis/.


On 11 September, we invite you to the VIVO MeetUp as a satellite event to SWIB23.

At TIB, we use the open source research information system VIVO for research profiles. We have extended it with the feature to add Mastodon IDs and thus verify their Mastodon profiles.

Der Beitrag Verification of scholarly social media accounts in the Fediverse erschien zuerst auf TIB-Blog.


Starting from March 2022, TIB’s Open Science Lab has been hosting three scholars from Ukraine, whose research were disturbed by the war. In the first week of July, an introductory webinar, dedicated to Research and Academic libraries of Ukraine was conducted. Accordingly, this blog post is meant to…