Our lab contributed and contributes to numerous initiatives of the research information community, for example:

One focus of our work is the open source research information system VIVO. We are commited to better open source solutions in this field. We do so by participating in various committees and working groups:

We co-founded the VIVO-DE activities and we are fostering the VIVO community in Germany and Europe. We are organizing and hosting the German VIVO Workshops:

The TIB is member of


On 11 September, we invite you to the VIVO MeetUp as a satellite event to SWIB23.

At TIB, we use the open source research information system VIVO for research profiles. We have extended it with the feature to add Mastodon IDs and thus verify their Mastodon profiles.

Der Beitrag Verification of scholarly social media accounts in the Fediverse erschien zuerst auf TIB-Blog.


Starting from March 2022, TIB’s Open Science Lab has been hosting three scholars from Ukraine, whose research were disturbed by the war. In the first week of July, an introductory webinar, dedicated to Research and Academic libraries of Ukraine was conducted. Accordingly, this blog post is meant to…