FAIRIO – FAIR Research Information in Open Infrastructures

The rate and volume at which research information is created and the need to make it readily available for various applications and reuse has gathered pace and increased exponentially.

Despite the new opportunities that technological advances afford, significant challenges remain and valuable information about research projects, organizations, organization units, activities that is spread across the web is not FAIR. For instance, funded metadata that is of central importance for a more knowledge-driving evaluation of research is neither findable nor accessible. On the other hand, research information is sensitive, needs to be protected and requires a special strategy of sharing with trusted partners. Applying FAIR principles to research information can bring many benefits to a diverse group of stakeholders of the scientific ecosystem and it is a big step towards Open Science. By Open Infrastructures we mean the sets of services, protocols, standards and software that the academic ecosystem needs in order to perform its functions throughout the research lifecycle.

Roadmap to FAIR research information

Research information, i.e. data about research projects, organizations, researchers or research outputs such as publications or patents which is spread across the web, usually residing in institutional and personal web pages or in semi-opened databases and information systems.In order to develop a framework/roadmap for FAIR research information, SSTL and TIB plan to hold workshops with experts on the individual FAIR principles (findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability).

At the end of the year, in December 2020, all FAIR principles are analysed and evaluated with regard to RI. An article covering the roadmap may be published. Based on this roadmap, an attempt can now be made to apply the individual principles in practice.

It was a pleasure to discuss the applicability of FAIR principles to research information with experienced experts in the FAIRIO workshops. We now…

We published a report on our workshops in the Ukrainian Journal on Library and Information Science.

The date is fixed: September 21, 2020, Topic: interoperability of RI