Service portfolio: VIVO

Are you interested in using VIVO in your institution? We would be happy to support you in the conception or implementation of your project. Our offer includes

  • Mapping of data to VIVO ontology and VIVO KDSF extension
  • Support for the development of local ontologies for research information
  • Integration of controlled vocabularies
  • Testing of current VIVO systems on TIB's own and third-party systems
  • Cooperative research and development projects in the VIVO environment

All services require specific arrangements.


We just launched an early version of ConfIDent.

Der Beitrag ConfIDent: A platform for academic events erschien zuerst auf TIB-Blog.


As part of the previous TIB blog article on the power of persistent identifiers (PIDs), the TAPIR project has already introduced itself and shared first project steps with the interested public. But there is more we would like to share with you!

DOIs are commonly used to persistently identify different entities of the Science system like articles. Until now conferences were not one of those entities. We minted the probably first DOI for a conference with DataCite.

Der Beitrag Finally persistently identifying academic events and event…