Open Research Information at TIB

The Lab Open Research Information (LORI) pursues the goal of making information about research activities interoperable, findable, reusable and accessible in open infrastructures.

  • We foster a commons of open research information
  • We are committed to ethical and responsible handling of research information.
  • We are guided by the FAIR principles.
  • We promote open source software for handling research information.
  • We support knowledge organisations in presenting their scientific output.
  • We work with and on open standards for describing research information, such as CERIF or the Core Data Set for Research.
  • We connect experts from research and administration.

We consider ourselves as a competence centre for the open source software VIVO. Learn more about our commitment, our service portfolio and our developments and materials.

Introduction to VIVO (in German)


DOIs are commonly used to persistently identify different entities of the Science system like articles. Until now conferences were not one of those entities. We minted the probably first DOI for a conference with DataCite.

Der Beitrag Finally persistently identifying academic events and event…

Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Academic Graph will be discontinued at the end of 2021. What does this mean? Why is this important for researchers and research institutions? The Microsoft Academic Graph is the database behind Microsoft Academic, one of the most comprehensive academic…

Within the project ROSI (Reference Implementation for Open Scientometric Indicators) ImpactViz was developed as a tool to collect and visualize information on the impact of a publication. A plugin for Open Journal Systems (OJS) allows an easy handling of this tool.

Der Beitrag ImpactViz – An OJS…