Internationalization and German translation

An important component for the use of VIVO in German-speaking countries is of course support for multilingualism in the user interface as well as an up-to-date and well-maintained German translation. Together with partners from the VIVO-DE community bemüht, the TIB is endeavouring to provide both. The German files that we maintain are part of the official VIVO releases.

Research Analytics: Visualizations in dashboards with Kibana

Visualizations provide fast and immediate access to complex information. We are testing how this applies to research information in the Umbiko project. The Umbiko prototype was initiated to overcome challenges in the area of on-the-go analysis and reporting of research information from research information systems (FIS) such as VIVO and various corpora of the TIB. The prototype is based on the open source search engine Elasticsearch and the open source analysis and visualization tool Kibana.


Adaptations and extensions of the ontologies

National academic practices must be reflected in metadata models for research models. In order to be able to adequately reflect these national academic specifics on the one hand and individual needs of individual institutions on the other hand, we are working on the adaptation and extension of the VIVO data model. We cooperate with various German partners in the adaptation and extension of the VIVO-DE ontology.

Furthermore, we are actively working on mapping between Kerndatensatz Forschung (KDSF) and VIVO to enable the implementation of this national reporting standard in VIVO.

Advanced Role Management

The Advanced Role Management developed at the TIB is an improvement of the VIVO role management. It is now possible to create new user groups with specific rights sets. This enables you, for example, to create a role for your publication editors, who are then only allowed to change certain data in VIVO.

Increased security through password hashing with Argon2i

In order to meet more demanding security standards, the password hashing with MD5 implemented in VIVO was replaced by a modern procedure based on Argon2i.