For the development of our Terminology Service for the Earth System Sciences, BITS needs input from the community. This is why we are aiming for a close connection with NFDI4Earth. We are pleased to announce that a first step in this direction has been taken: NFDI4Earth has provided us with a web adress:

The IG FAIRESST will collect and investigate the use of semantic artefacts in the NFDI4Earth network. It will also serve as a community for proposing new terminologies and developing new tools for the ESS collection in the TIB Terminology Service. Although it is an NFDI4Earth Interest Group, it will be open to anyone interested in the topic.

The main objective of the IG FAIRESST is to provide both a situation analysis and an inventory of the application of semantic artefacts for knowledge representation in Earth System Science. Although it is an NFDI4Earth Interest Group, it will be open to all interested in this topic.

The Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) has been added to the TIB TS and the ESS collection.

After many virtual meetings during the application phase as well as at the beginning of the project, all project partners of the BITS project finally met in person for the kick-off on 12 October in Hannover at the TIB.

Here we discussed various aspects, starting with terminology clarifications. TIB presented the Terminology Service (TS) in the…

The ESS Terminology Service is a collection of Earth System Science terminologies and a single point of access to the latest terminology versions. The service is being developed by the BITS project and is maintained by TIB as an extension of the TIB Central Terminology Service.The ESS Terminology Service provides researchers, repository staff, and…