The TIB Terminology Service

TIB operates one central Terminology Service (TS) and special terminology collections. TIB IT service operates the underlying IT infrastructure and virtualization environment including all storage systems and network components. The development of this infrastructure is ongoing work. 

Key features of the TIB Terminology Service:

  1. Comprehensive Terminology Collection: The service maintains an extensive collection of scientific and technical terms covering a wide range of subjects and domains. Terminologies can be browsed and displayed via a web-based graphical user interface, see This comprehensive approach ensures that users can find relevant terminology for their specific research or professional needs.
  2. Standardisation and Control: TIB places a strong emphasis on controlling the quality of terminologies, which will be added to  the collection. By providing controlled vocabularies and authorised terminology lists, the service helps users adhere to established terminology conventions.
  3. Semantic Enrichment: The service goes beyond mere term definitions and offers semantic enrichment, providing information about the relationships between terms, hierarchical structures, and synonyms. This additional context aids users in understanding the broader context of the terminologies they are exploring.
  4. API and Integration: To ensure seamless integration with various applications and platforms, the TIB Terminology Service often provides an Application Programming Interface (API). This allows developers and researchers to access and utilise the terminology service programmatically in their workflows. (See for the interface specification). 
  5. Terminology collections: Selected lists of ontologies for specific user groups, such as earth system scientists, chemists and engineers, can be found at These collections provide the ability to search only those ontologies relevant to the specific discipline.

TIB uses the open-source (Apache 2.0) software Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) as the basis for each tailored TS.