About the Project

Within BITS, a Terminology Service (TS) will be established for subfields of climate science and geoscientific collections and tested at the two different repositories of DKRZ and SGN. Comparable TSs are already in development at the TIB, e.g.  for the NFDI consortia NFDI4Chem and NFDI4ING. The experience with developing these TSs for different research fields has shown that a special TS for the Earth System Science (ESS) is needed. Therefore, the planned project has the following tasks:

  • Adaptation of the existing TIB Terminology Service to the requirements of the ESS, especially by considering the strong interdisciplinarity of the ESS.
  • Compilation and examination of the existing specialised vocabularies and ontologies and recommendations of ontologies which should be preferably used in the different sub-disciplines.
  • Adaptation of the TS to the conditions of the two repositories of DKRZ and SGN and provision of a look-up service for selecting appropriate terms from a controlled vocabulary for data creators and curators.

The entire ESS community will profit from this project due to:

  • The strong involvement of the ESS community in the development process and the provision of appropriate training materials and information strengthen the trust of the different communities and thus promote the use of the TS.
  • The creation of blueprints for the establishment and use of the TS will enable additional repositories to benefit from the experience of the project partners.

BITS has been funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Project number 508107981, July 2023 - June 2026).