TAPIR - Partially automated persistent identifier based reporting

In the joint project TAPIR, partially automated procedures for research reporting in the context of university and non-university research are being tested. The possibilities of realising partially automated reporting are analysed and the question is investigated to what extent the necessary data aggregation can be carried out on the basis of openly available research information using persistent identifiers.

Within the framework of the sub-project "Data Analysis and Use Cases", practice-oriented use cases will be identified and the results will be evaluated with regard to data quality. The sub-project "Technical Development" at the TIB is dedicated to the technical implementation of the project, especially with regard to the harvesting of research information on the basis of persistent identifiers and the partially automated generation of research reports using the open source software VIVO.

Your tasks:

  • Tasks in the field of research information and CRIS within the framework of the joint project TAPIR (Partially Automated Persistent…

Details can be found in the job advertisement on the TIB website.