• Reporting mit Vitro Query Tool
    Kampe, Benjamin, Schnieders, Kathrin, Triggs, Graham, & Walther, Tatiana. (2021, July 6). Reporting mit Vitro Query Tool. Zenodo.
  • Filling the PID - Datenimport in VIVO
    Schnieders, Kathrin, & Mierz, Sandra. (2021, March). Filling the PID - Datenimport in VIVO. Presented at the 5. VIVO-Workshop, Germany: Zenodo.



Entering the second year of the project we wrote up a blog entry summarizing the progress we made so far.

8 new entries for the Registry of Scientometric Data Sources (ROSI)

Keeping up with the TAPIR-ians

Project TAPIR will be represented 3 times at the VIVO Conference.

To provide an insight into our current research and development work, we have made the tool generate2vivo and a connected VIVO instance available in…

The datacitecommons2vivo import tool, which maps data from Datacite Commons and ROR to the VIVO ontology and imports it into VIVO, was our first…

In the lightning talk session of the KIM workshop, we will address the reuse of metadata from Datacite Commons.

At this year's VIVO workshop the TAPIR project will give a presentation about our project plan and first steps of ingesting data into local VIVO…

Your tasks:

  • Collaboration in the field of research information and CRIS within the framework of the joint project TAPIR (Partially Automated…

Details can be found in the job advertisement on the TIB website.