TAPIR goes VIVO conference

Project TAPIR will be represented 3 times at the VIVO Conference.

The TAPIR project will be represented with 3 contributions at this year's 12th VIVO Conference:

  • on June 23, 2021 at 16:40 Maxime Lefrançois and Sandra Mierz will give a presentation with the title "Feeding PIDza to VIVO: data ingest with SPARQL-Generate". The presentation will be divided into two parts: The first part will be about the application generate2vivo, which imports data from the Datacite Commons PID graph and the ROR API into VIVO. The service is based on lifting rules defined with the RDF transformation language SPARQL-Generate, which will be presented in the second part of the talk.
  • on 24. June 2021 at 16:03 Kathrin Schnieders, Sonja Schulze and Dominik Feldschnieders will present results of the first TAPIR use case in the Lightning Talk "Testing PIDza Coverage for VIVO at Osnabrück University", which focused on the analysis of ORCID registrations since 2018 and the coverage among researchers at Osnabrück University.
  • On 25 June 2021 at 15:45 Tatiana Walther will also present a Lightning Talk with the title "Sharing Queries and Reports with the Reporting Marketplace", where she introduces the Reporting Marketplace, a github repository and open platform for reports and their components such as SPARQL queries and templates that can be collaboratively edited, discussed and shared.

The entire programme of the VIVO conference can be found at https://vivoconference.org/vivo2021/schedule