Objects of the month

Thomas Platt / Sir Christopher Wren (architect), east facade of St Paul's Cathedral, London, c. 1703-1720,

copperplate engraving and etching, 65 cm x…

Urs Graf d. Ä. (Attributed), Design for an architectural illusionist facade painting, 1525

Pen and ink drawing, 22,7 cm x 34,3 cm


Gérard Audran after Charles Le Brun, The Palace of the Sun, after 1661,

copperplate engraving and etching, 83 cm x 110 cm


Olof Samuel Tempelman, "Dessein till Orgelwárck uti Roxlósa Kyrcka. I Östergöthland", 1783

Pen, brush, coloured wash


Unknown artist, Altarpiece design for Melk Abbey ("Coloman Altar"), 1647

Pen, brush, coloured wash;

49,5 x 33,1 cm


Federico Zuccari(?), The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, 3rd quarter of 16th century,

drawing, 37.8 x 19.8 cm, pen, brown ink, red chalk,…

Josef Hager, View and floor plan of a sacral portal architecture, around 1760

washed pen and ink drawing


Johann Wilhelm Baur, Mercury Fountain in an Italian villa,

drawing, pen and black ink, wash

Antonio Adami, View and floor plan of the facade of Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi in Venice, around 1740

washed pen and ink drawing

Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves, view and ground plan of an arch of honor for George IV, 1821

Pen and brush, watercolored