Digitisation and specialist indexing of the Individual Graphic Sheets of the Collection of Architect Albrecht Haupt (GESAH)

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TIB’s “Albrecht Haupt Collection” is a special collection of national and international importance. The architect and building researcher Karl Albrecht Haupt (1852–1932), who taught at what was then the Hannover College of Technology for many years, compiled the collection and presented it to the college library during his lifetime.

As early as 1941, architectural historian Lieselotte Vossnack called it an outstanding collection, “comparable only to the collection of the publicly funded Staatliche Kunstbibliothek zu Berlin,” (now called the Kunstbibliothek, part of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin alliance, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz). In 1923, Haupt expressed the wish “that the collection will be catalogued in a detailed index that complies with scientific requirements, and that it will gain wider recognition in and outside Hannover.”

It is now possible to meet his wish, thanks to funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG).

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July 2020

Carlo Ignazio Galli da Bibiena, stage design for a castle courtyard, around 1760

Pen, brush, coloured wash


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A special interest of the collector Abrecht Haupt was historical drawings with spatial illustrations of architectural interiors or exteriors. The art of perspective construction was particularly expressed in the designs for theatre backdrops or stage sceneries.  The stage designs and ideal vedutas of members of the Italian artistic family Galli da Bibiena, who dominated this field with their complex spatial sceneries especially during the 18th century, were already held in high esteem at the time of Haupt.  The Haupt collection contains drawings and sketches by almost all members of this family, including the stage decorator and theatre architect Carlo Galli da Bibiena (* 1728 in Vienna; † 1787 in Florence), who worked in Bayreuth and Munich. In contrast to most of the unsigned sketches of the Bibienas, the record sheet shown here is signed by him with "Architeto .Carlo Bibiena. Inventor fece". It shows the view into a medieval-looking castle courtyard, for the spatial framework of which the artist used a combination of partly fantastic elements and architectural motifs from medieval architecture, but also "native" half-timbered forms, as he probably got to know them in the surroundings of Bayreuth. The question of whether the scenery can actually be assigned to a particular stage work will possibly be clarified in the course of the project.