Objects of the month

TIB SAH digital.

Unknown little draughtsman, early 19th century

View of a hall wall with colossal pilasters

Graphite pencil, brush, coloured ink.

39,7 cm x 24,9 cm …

anonymous, Allegory of Water

(Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite)

after Louis de Boullogne the Younger (1654-1733)

Drawing in red chalk and…

Henry Holland (1745-1806), attrib.

Ceiling design for the Carlton-House in London, around 1785

Pen and brush, colored wash

47,5 cm x 64,3 cm



Leopoldo Pollack (1751-1806),

View and ground plan of an altar ciborium, 1795

Pen-and-ink drawing, brush, coloured wash

63,3 cm x 40,0 cm


Francesco Piranesi (1758–1810) attr.,

Landscape with ancient monuments ("Tomba di Nerone")

Pen-and-ink drawing, 2nd half of 18th cent.

30,0 cm x…

Unknown German artist (Georg Beham or Thomas Hoffmann?)

Design for a façade painting with scenes from the life of St. Peter, c. 1610

Pen and ink,…

Theophilus Wilhelm Frese,

View of a cabinet showcase in rococo style, around 1750

Pen, brush, red wash

40,0 cm x 25,7 cm


Susanna Maria von Sandrart

Portrait of Gabrielle Carola Patin, ca. 1682

Etching, pencil, pen and ink

24.4 cm x 18.0 cm


Giuseppe Levati

Project for the church of San Vittorio in Martire in Lainate near Milan, ground plan, c. 1770?

Pencil, brush, ink

72 x 96 cm