Objects of the month / Curator‘s choice

Susanna Maria von Sandrart

Portrait of Gabrielle Carola Patin, ca. 1682

Etching, pencil, pen and ink

24.4 cm x 18.0 cm


Giuseppe Levati

Project for the church of San Vittorio in Martire in Lainate near Milan, ground plan, c. 1770?

Pencil, brush, ink

72 x 96 cm


Lambert Friedrich Corfey (attributed),

View of a rood screen, 1707

graphite, coloured pen and ink drawing

30,4 cm x 53,2 cm


Anonymous, Two Cartouches

(Capricci after Devises from the "Tapisseries du Roy")

Etching, around 1700

14.0 cm x 24.8 cm


Friedrich Weinbrenner, House of the Museum Society in Karlsruhe, front view, c. 1813

coloured pen and ink drawing

32,8 cm x 44,6 cm


Johann Evangelist Holzer, Design for the façade painting of the "Haus zum Bauertanz" in Augsburg, c. 1736.

Pen and brush, wash

23,3 cm x 57,1 cm


Master of the Horse Heads, Horizontal Filling with Horse Head

Copper engraving, 1st third 16th century

3.4 cm x 13.4 cm


Peeter Neefs the Elder (?), Central perspective view of a fountain courtyard

washed Pen-and-ink drawing

Signed "P. Neef p.[inxit] 1644".

20,3 cm x…

Adolph Modéèr, View of a sliding winch with two treadwheels, c. 1760

coloured pen and ink drawing

25,6 x 30 cm


Paul Constantin La Fargue, after Anthonie Blocklandt,

Winged altarpiece with the Assumption of Mary (today in St. Martin, Bingen),

The Hague 1759 …