Project-TAPIR: pidgraph-notebooks

A collection of Jupyter notebooks with examples of querying different PID providers like ORCID, ROR, Crossref and PID graphs like the FREYA PID Graph, OpenAlex, OpenAIRE for connected objects.


Update for ROSI

When we started the project by drawing up an overview of potential data sources from which we could query open data on research objects, the Registry of Scientometric Data Sources (ROSI) was an important starting point for us. As a thank you and to make our additional findings reusable, we have updated ROSI with 8 new entries, including ROR, ORCID and OpenAlex.



Queries and Reporting-Templates are often times similar across institutions. In this github repository members of the german VIVO-community may document their Reporting-Templates for reuse by third parties.


generate2vivo (previously datacitecommons2vivo)

With generate2vivo we provide an extensible tool for importing data from various data sources like Datacite Commons and ROR into the open source software VIVO.

Your tasks:

  • Collaboration in the field of research information and CRIS within the framework of the joint project TAPIR (Partially Automated…

Details can be found in the job advertisement on the TIB website.