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Our roadmap shows what happens after the beta release.

We are pleased to announce the first beta release - codename "Bern" - of the two plugins for Open Journal Systems (OJS) developed as part of the…

We will present our OPTIMETA plugins at the Open Access Days 2022 in Bern. Visit us at the Tool Marketplace!

We will present OPTIMETA at this year's German Library Congress in Leipzig.

The talk will take place as part of the session "Daten und Normdaten" on…

We will give a lightning talk at this year's FORCE 2021 conference at 8 December 2021, 11:00 UTC (…

We are pleased to participate with OPTIMETA at the Open Publishing Fest ( on 11/18/2021. Gazi Yücel (TIB) will…

The OPTIMETA project will present itself at this year's Open Access Days as part of the poster session.

Microsoft Academic, one of the largest academic search engines and data sources, will be shut down at the end of 2021. What does that mean? And is…

The application for the OPTIMETA project was published in the RIO Journal

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