The OPTIMETA plug-ins at the Open Access Days

We will present our OPTIMETA plugins at the Open Access Days 2022 in Bern. Visit us at the Tool Marketplace!

Visit us at the Tool Marketplace of the Open Access Days 2022 in Bern. We look forward to discussing our plugins with you!

From the conference programme:

In the BMBF-funded project OPTIMETA, two plugins are being developed for Open Journal Systems (OJS), the world's most widely used software for managing and publishing OA journals. With these plugins, independent journals using OJS enrich various open-access data sources and capture innovative metadata for publications. At OAT22, we will work with participants to carry out the process of metadata enrichment and export, and discuss the use of the plugins.

The first plugin (citation plugin) aims to generate, enrich, structure and make freely available citation information. OJS is the central place for managing citations, and rich citation metadata is published automatically to Wikidata or Crossref. Our roadmap includes a Citation Manager, where OJS users can see and manage all citations of all articles in one place. Our plugin creates opportunities for participation and access to citation information on a global level and thus contributes to the democratisation of science.

The second plugin (Geoplugin) offers the possibility to enrich the metadata of publications with spatiotemporal information. The relevant time periods as well as places, paths or regions can be entered interactively by authors during submission. This information is then displayed for individual articles, issues of a journal or entire journals and makes it possible to establish new links between articles or discover relevant works.

An OJS test installation running both plugins is available at Further information and links to the source code published under the GPL 3.0 licence can be found at Both plugins were developed by the submitters as part of OPTIMETA.