What was the RSHA again and why were denunciations fundamental to the work of the Gestapo? Technical terms and background information on the history…

How does the data actually get onto the OGT website? Can I contribute to it? And what exactly are "Linked Open Data"? We will clarify these questions…

Exchange about the possibilities and limits of digital opening of memorial sites and other memory institutions

Map is freely accessible.

Presentation of the website with the interactive map Gestapo.Terror.Orte

Student project: Photos of the sites of Gestapo terror in Hanover

The position in Project Coordination and Research is filled. The historian Lisa Groh-Trautmann takes over the tasks of Dr. Janine Doerry.

The project presentation website is now online. It contains the project description, the team and our cooperation partners, contact details and…


2020/11 – 2023/01


Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel
Project Lead

Lisa Groh-Trautmann
Research Assistant & Project Coordination

Nils Casties
Web Development & Project Coordination