Prototype installation

There are various deployments startegies (see deployment) that one can choose for installation of the LDM. Here two easy methods are provided:

  1. Using Vagrant
    1. Visit the installation page and follow the istructions.
  2. Using Docker
    1. Download the Docker (Size: 144 MB) from this Google Drive
    2. In the terminal, change the directory to the CKAN folder, and then execute the following commands (some of the commands' may take a while at the first run)
       cd docker/ckan_base/
       sudo docker build . -t ckan_base
       cd ../..
       sudo docker build . -t ckan
       cd docker/
       sudo docker-compose up -d solr db redis pusher postfix
    3. Open the file called 'docker-compose.yml', located in the docker folder (CKAN/docker/). In line 31 change the IP address with yours.
           line 31: CKAN_SITE_URL: "http://{your-IP-address}:5000"
    4. Run the following command
           sudo docker-compose up ckan

The Leibniz Data Manager prototype should be accessible through your web browser at localhost:5000.

Help & Feedback

Please note that this prototype of the Leibniz Data Manager is under continuous development. As a result, functionalities may change during operation, services may be unstable or temporarily down, and they may be switched off completely under certain circumstances. If you have any suggestions or questions or if you notice any errors, we look forward to your feedback.