Impact on Scientific Data Management

In the research data landscape, there is a high demand for a sustainable and meaningful handling of a main product of scientific work - research data.

A short paper, published in the proceeding of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2022), describes the main features of the Leibniz Data Manager.

The Leibniz Data Manager provides a data management system that makes it possible to check the contents of research data sets for their potential application to the respective domain - without having to download them beforehand: Please see this video presenting the main features of the LDM.

Therefore, the Leibniz Data Manager enables the visualization of different research data formats and thus supports the 'screening' of data sets for their potential benefits. As a visualization and management tool, the Leibniz Data Manager can be implemented on top of classical research data repositories, which often focus on the (long-term) archiving and publication of research data.