About the Leibniz Data Manager

How to find and evaluate relevant research data? The Leibniz Data Manager has been developed to support the aspect of better re-usability of research data.

The prototype supports the management and access to heterogeneous research data publications and assists researchers in the selection of relevant data sets for their respective disciplines.

The prototype currently offers the following functions for the visualization of research data:

  • Supports data collections and publications  with different formats
  • Different views on the same data set (2D and 3D support)
  • Visualization of Auto CAD files
  • Jupyter Notes for demonstrating live code
  • RDF Description of data collections

The file specific viewers were implemented using CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) plugins to render existing viewers for the datasets included in the CKAN instance.

Besides the Leibniz Data Manager, TIB provides further services around research data management for institutions and researchers. This includes a DOI service, support in choosing the right repositories, and in publishing and archiving research data, as well as training and advisory services. Please refer to our homepage for a full service description: https://www.tib.eu/en/publishing-archiving/research-data/