NextGen Books

– making the future book

We experiment by making books. If you have a book idea, a production, or want to try out our open-source software pipeline, please get in touch or check out our GitHub discussion forum.

Our services and research cover the following areas:

  • Single source pipelines for multi-format outputs

  • Expanding book sprints and rapid publishing methods across workflows

  • Applying standards across multi-format and computational publishing

Our bookshelf

A few of our many supported books. See the long list here.

Citizen Science Guide for Research Libraries - Skilling

LIBER working group guide - multi-format production from Indesign · About

(EN - in translation) · Read online

The Open Science Training Handbook

Book sprint guide produced and translated into 11 languages · About

(11 lang.) · Read online

Krisenmanagement - Öffentliche Gesundheit

Public Health rapid publishing for COVID - book sprints · About

(DE) · Read online

ADA Pipeline – Semantic Publishing Software

We support software for single source multi-format publishing. The ADA Pipeline is designed to allow a group to collaboratively write a book online and publish as web, ebook, PDF, print-on-demand, and more.

By bringing together best-of-class platforms such as Fidus Writer, Vivliostyle, Zenodo, and ORCID connected together using GitHub and open standards we offer flexibility for — academic publishing, OER, MOOCs, and computational publishing.

Find out more on GitHub

How book sprints work

Book sprints are a facilitated process in which eight to twelve invited experts create documentation or a handbook within three to five days on a given topic. Our team has supported a wide variety of organisations in running successful book splints and implementing their own rapid publishing programmes.

How to run a book sprint – in 16 steps - LSE Impact Blog

Team members Lambert Heller and Helene Brinken share insights from their own experience of facilitating a book sprint to write the Open Science Training Handbook.

More about book sprints


We act as an experimental book prototyper by making books, open-source software pipelines, and new publishing sprint and rapid publishing methods.

Our team can offer provision, support, and customisation for book productions, software, and book sprints.

Get in touch and book a demo or consultation.

Run a book sprint workshop

In three day take your expert group through the book sprint process and produce a book and MOOC module.

Publish multi-format with ADA

Publish versioned editions as web, ebook, PDF, print-on-demand, reusable source, for translation, and more.