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Presentations and conference contributions

Poster presentations

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Workshop reports

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The funding round for the two new KOALA bundles “Computer Science and Mathematics 2025-2027” and “Quantum Physics 2025-2027” has started and will run…

All information relating to the KOALA consortium service - e. g. current consortia including product information, participating consortia, minimum…

The pledging round for the bundle of six journals from the bundle "KOALA Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2024-2026" was successful! 54 Institutions

KOALA is still looking for more supporters! We extended the due date for signing up for financial contributions until 1 September 2023. Detailed…

The report “Konsortiale Open-Access-Lösungen aufbauen (KOALA): Erfahrungen mit Redaktionen und Verlagen” is published and freely available at…

First journals and book series set to change to collaborative Open Access funding