Shared Tasks

SemEval 2021 Task 11: NLPContributionsGraph – Automatically Structuring Scholarly NLP Contributions in the Open Research Knowledge Graph.


With the NLPContributionGraph Shared Task, we have formalized the building of such a scholarly contributions-focused graph over NLP scholarly articles. SemEval 2021 Task 11: NLPContributionGraph (NCG) provides participants with a dataset of NLP scholarly articles with their research contribution information structured to be integrable within Knowledge Graph infrastructures such as the ORKG. The annotation data elements include: (1) contribution sentences - a set of sentences about the contribution in the article; (2) scientific terms and relations - a set of scientific terms and relational cue phrases extracted from the contribution sentences; and (3) triples - semantic statements that pair scientific terms with a relation, modeled toward subject-predicate-object RDF statements for KG building. The task is to automatically extract these elements given a new NLP article.