From 1 June until 1 September 2023, the call for financial contributions for two KOALA bundles was underway. Seven journals from the fields of quantum physics, mathematics, and computer sciences are up for funding. Libraries, research institutes, societies, enterprises, and individuals can contribute to the sustainable existence of the following journals in open access – without relying on author-facing charges.

Together, these journals publish about 330 articles per year. The data sheet KOALA Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2024-2026 (PDF) provides detailed information on the journals and the tiering for contributions.

  • KOALA Quantum Physics 2024-2026 comprising the following journal:

Quantum publishes about 220 articles per year. The data sheet KOALA Quantum Physics 2024-2026 (PDF) provides detailed information on the journal and the tiering for contributions.

How to support KOALA

You can support KOALA by filling in the survey. You need a personalized link to do so. Research Libraries in Germany receive a link in the first week of June, all others need to contact TIB Licencing Services per e-mail to get a personalized survey link. More information can be found in the data sheets linked above. We extended the due date for filling in the survey until 1 September 2023. All links to complete the survey that were already created remain valid.

Spread the word!

You can support the KOALA initiative for consortial funding by spreading the word: share our blog post, re-toot our mastodon message or send an e-mail to your local library or science club. Feel free to use and adapt our template letter (.docx).

The first KOALA pledging round has been successful

From 2023 until 2025, these titles are funded collaboratively by KOALA consortia:

We'd like to thank all participating institutions for their contribution.

The pledging round for the bundle of six journals from the bundle "KOALA Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2024-2026" was successful! 54 Institutions

KOALA is still looking for more supporters! We extended the due date for signing up for financial contributions until 1 September 2023. Detailed…

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