As of August 2021

KOALA – overview

What do we stand for?

  • collective & fair open access funding without author-facing costs (APC/BPC)

Who are we?

The objectives

We are aiming to

  • establish library consortia to fund open access journals and book series
  • provide support for publications planning to flip to a consortial open access model
  • flip pilot projects to the new model
  • make our model available for reuse

Benefits for journals and book series

  • sustainable and fair model as an alternative to commercial open access
  • individual support for publications seeking to transition to a different funding model
  • publishing is free of charge for authors
  • does not require publishers to acquire further funding
  • clear standards as well as transparency

Our model - key information

  • Funding will be available for both journals and book series.
  • Publications will be grouped into disciplinary bundles.
  • The financial contribution to publications will correspond to the annual output.
  • We expect transparency regarding costs and funding requirements.
  • We offer comprehensive support.
  • We aim to give financial commitment for several years.

Journals and book series

  • Many established open access models only adress journals –
  • KOALA will establish solutions for journals and book series.
  • We expect our partners to meet certain standards based on the requirements of Plan S, DOAJ, DOAB, OAPEN, OASPA and COPE.

Requirements for Publications

  • Digital preservation must be guaranteed.
  • Guidelines for authors must be clear and openly available.
  • Explicit open access and copyright policies must be in place (ideally under a machine-readable CC licence, copyright remains with the authors).
  • Journals and book series should have an ISSN.
  • We expect transparency regarding costs and funding requirements.
  • DOIs must be provided for articles and books. We recommend additional DOIs for book chapters.
  • Information on reviewing processes, editorial policies and decision making processes must be transparent and easily accessible.
  • Statistics on annual publications, submissions, requested reviews etc. must be provided.

Helpdesk and pilot projects

  • KOALA offers a helpdesk and individual support for editors and publishers interested in flipping to an APC/BPC-free funding model.
  • Journals and book series can participate in the project as pilot partners and expect funding by the future consortium from 2023 onwards.
  • Pilot projects will be supported extensively in their transition to consortial funding and have the chance to give feedback on the model.


Would you like to learn more? Are you interested in participating? Get in touch at koalatibeu.





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