The IDAHO Project to be featured at the NISO Plus 2024 Conference

The IDAHO project will be presented at the NISO Plus 2024 Conference, which takes place on February 13-14, 2024 in Baltimore, MD. The talk entitled "Identification of hurdles to open access publishing for researchers with weak institutional ties — epistemic injustice in scientific publishing” will be held during the session “Open Scholarship and Bibliodiversity” on Tuesday, February 13th between 1:30 and 2:45 pm EST.

The session aims to explore how embracing bibliodiversity can enrich scholarly discourse and enhance research accessibility and impact. It will underscore the significance of fostering a diverse and inclusive ecosystem that facilitates the acquisition and dissemination of academic knowledge.

This session will feature six lightening talks followed by a panel discussion in which we will explore the ideas presented by the panelists.

The NISO Plus conference provides a platform for individuals from the global information community to come together, sharing updates and engaging in discussions about our collective challenges and opportunities. The focus is on devising practical next steps to enhance information flow and interoperability, addressing existing and potential future issues comprehensively.