Presentation at #vBIB22: Challenges in conference quality assessment and identifying characteristics of predatory conferences

Julian Franken spoke at #vBIB22 about how the ConfIDent project deals with predatory conferences.

Libraries have always made choices about which resources to acquire and which not to acquire. In the course of digitization, this task is becoming more and more challenging as, in addition to the increasing amount of available resources, more and more journals and conferences are emerging that claim to carry out their own quality controls but in fact do not do so or do so inadequately; so-called predatory conferences or predatory journals. The ConfIDent project, which is developing an information platform for conferences and other scientific events, is developing a quality assurance process to ensure that no or as few predatory conferences as possible are indexed on the platform. The basis for the review of questionable conferences is often the conference website. The check is based on conference features that are interpreted as indications of deceptive behavior.

The slides are avaliable here: