Posterpresentation at FORCE 2021 about Discoverability and trustworthiness evaluation of conferences

Early career researchers are sometimes overwhelmed by the huge amount of academic events (e. g. conferences) that might be relevant to them. Even finding out what conferences exist in a certain field can be challenging. On top of that some are of questionable quality and prioritise monetary gains over anything else. To support inexperienced researchers the ConfIDent projekt is creating a digital platform where researchers can discover events they were previously unaware of, search for events that specifically meet their needs and which supports them in their evaluation of an event's trustworthiness. Further, the event’s metadata will contain links to previous outputs like proceedings or recordings of talks, increasing the discoverability of these. The presentation at the FORCE2021 conference will give a brief overview of the platform’s design, the utilized metadata and discuss challenges with regards to identifying questionable conferences.